Yummy, Fisherman, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Yummy, Fisherman, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

I met Yummy for the first time in 2017 whilst visiting the Suffolk, the birthplace of my wife, where we were celebrating her 50th birthday. In fact I did this interview with Yummy in the fish hut on the morning of her birthday!

If you go to Aldeburgh, it is well worth going along to the fish huts on the beach to see what catch they have in, although most of it won’t be from Aldeburgh boats.

Watch the video to hear a real Suffolk accent, it’s almost a dialect. You will hear about Yummy’s life as a fisherman and some scrapes that he got into whist at sea.

Once you have listened to this 15min video, you can download a BBC Podcast about Aldeburgh that features various people who live in the town, including Yummy.